Why Choose IMCTex?

Are you tired of feeling bad and frustrated with the “run-around” of going from one doctor to another?

Have you tried different medications from multiple doctors, and found that none of them help you long term?

Are you beginning to feel hopeless and wonder if you will ever find someone to listen to you and help you find a solution?

Then here are six reasons IMCTex might be a great fit for you!

  1. You want to use natural methods compounds to address your health concerns
  2. You want to get healthy so you don’t need to rely on prescription drugs
  3. You want to find and correct the underlying cause of your health concerns rather than suppressing your symptoms with drugs
  4. You want choices and to be treated as an intelligent partner in making informed decisions about your health
  5. You want a medical professional that will spend time with you and listen and consider the “whole picture” of your health concerns
  6. You want to utilize the “best of both worlds” of conventional and alternative medicine, and want to see a professional that is well versed in both worlds.

I am a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (www.naturopathic.org), a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (www.iaacn.org), and a Registered Nurse. After graduating from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (www.scnm.edu), taking my clinical board exams, and receiving my medical license, I moved back to my home state of Texas to take on the challenge of providing a truly collaborative, integrative approach to health care for my clients. I also provide phone or video/virtual consultations to meet the needs of established and potential clients throughout the US and abroad.

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